About Me

I started the Bromyard photo archive way back in 1974, and then, in 1998, hosting it here on my edharris.co.uk website.

Since that time, it has steadily grown into a regular stopping-off point for many of us who are interested in Bromyard, its history and development- as shown through photographs, postcards and other documents.

Over these same years, I have collected many items related to Bromyard, from local milk bottles to official documents and other memorabilia.

Some of these I now offer for sale through this website.

As always, I ask that if you have any photos, or other items relating to Bromyard, that you would like to display on here, then please contact me.


Photograph A Grave service.

I am pleased to say that I still operate this free service (since 1977).

If you live away from Bromyard and are unable to visit, then I will take a photo of your family members grave/headstone and email the image to you.

This also applies to any houses that your family member may have lived in previously (assuming that it is still there, of course).

Just email me with the name of your family member who is buried in Bromyard cemetery, and I will see what I can do to help.

Please note:

Due to my ongoing work commitments elsewhere, this is not an instant service, and may take a while to complete, so please bear with me. :)