Q: Do you buy Bromyard-related products?
A: Yes, I do, but only normally if I do not already have them. Just drop me an email with what you have, and I will get back to you.

Q: Can I use any of your photos for my own use?

A: Yes, you can. You can use them for none-profitable purposes as long as you give me (Ed Harris) as the source owner.

Q: Can I send you photos to display on your website?
A: Yes, they will be most welcome, and I will add you as the source of the photo/s.

Q: Are your postcards originals?

A: Yes, they are. I sell a lot to collectors who are very particular about what they collect.

Q: With regard to your books, ‘Chapters Of Life’ in particular, are the locations given actually real, such as the 'Doors' cafe?

A: Yes, they are all real locations within Bromyard, except for Mountfields Estate, which I invented so as to widen the field of activity.

The location of the 'Doors' cafe is based on a real cafe. The location is still a cafe in Bromyard, though it looks totally different now.

Q: With your photograph a grave service, how do I receive the photo?

A: I send these via your email address, so everything is done online.

Q: Do you photograph other local Bromyard things, such as a house or location?

A: Yes, just let me know what it is that you require, and I will have a go for you.

Q: Is there any fee for your photograph a grave service?
A: No, it is all done free of charge.