My Writing

Over the years I have written 47 novels and many other works, dealing with fiction to sciences/science fiction and travel.

These are, in the main, still available to purchase, either direct from the publisher, or from myself.

The novels range from historical, Victorian (romance), children's, through to my 'Chapters Of Life' series (22 books).

Chapters Of Life is set in Bromyard and tells the daily life of a group of local Bikers in the 1960's.

The books were originally complied from the daily diaries kept by 4 local Bromyard girls, who kindly allowed me to roam at will through their most personal accounts.

It is rated as X, suitable for over 18's only, due to its heavy emphasis on sex and violence :)

If you are squeamish about such things, then it is best that you avoid this 22-book set :)

I will say, however, that the whole set is written in a 'humorous light', one that seems to have pleased its readers.

To purchase:

The easiest way is to purchase through the website here.

Delivery usually takes up to 10 working days as I use Print On Demand (POD) services to cut down on waste- the books are only printed after purchasing.

All books purchased direct from me will be signed by me prior to despatch.

My Bookshop

If you prefer to buy straight from the publisher, please follow the link below to take you to my online bookshop.

Ebook format:

Note: My Chapterts Of Life series of 22 books are now becoming available in ebook form for those who wish to read them on their mobile devices.

Hopefully, they will all be available in the very near future in downloadable format.